In 2012, Health Policy Research Center (HPRC) created Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics Group to facilitate a wide range of activities related to the use and outcomes of drugs, addressed from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. According to missions and visions of this group, in May 2017, starting to hold a Euro-Asian Pharmacoepidemiology Congress (EAPEC) in IRAN. Then first EAPEC was held on Jan 2018 in Shiraz. In that Congress the Permanent Secretariat of The Euro-Asian Pharmacoepidemiology Congress in Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics Group of HPRC was recorded to flowing this event every year.

Pharmacoepidemiology (drug epidemiology) is the study of the utilization and effects of drugs in large numbers of people; it provides an estimate of the probability of beneficial effects of a drug in a population and the probability of adverse effects. It can be called a bridge science spanning both clinical pharmacology and epidemiology. Although Pharmacoepidemiology is a relatively new term, research on drug use in epidemiology and public health has been ongoing for at least 4 decades.

EAPEC is an international meeting and the largest kind in middle East. All aspects of Pharmacoepidemiology and the congress themes, including below topics:

• Pharmacoepidemiology

• Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research

• Pharma Management

• Clinical Studies and Trials

• Clinical Pharmacy

• Community Pharmacy

• Hospital Pharmacy

• Pharmacy Education

• Social Pharmacy

• Risk Management


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