First meeting of the scientific higher council secretariat of Euro-Asian Pharmacoepidemiology congress held on May 8,2018 hosted by the permanent secretariat of the congress in the Pharmacoepidemiology department and Pharmacoeconomy health policy research center at shiraz university of medical sciences in the presence of Dr.Lankarani;Head of health policy research center.

In this meeting, member of the supreme council of the congress Dr.Payam Peymani; Member of the science committee

and head of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics of health policy research center-Dr.Marziye Zare member of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics of health policy research center-Dr.Iman Karimzade member of the science committee-Dr Afsaneh Vazin director of clinical pharmacy department of shiraz university of medical sciences-Dr.Hossein Niknahad food and drug administration of shiraz university of medical sciences-Dr.Sabz Ghabayi professor at clinical pharmacy department of isfahan university of medical sciences-Dr.Kabriyayi Zade professor and head of management and economic research center of tehran university of medical sciences-Dr.Jamshid Salam Zade professor of clinical pharmacy at Shahid beheshti university of medical sciences-Dr.Nazila Yoosefi member of the science committee of management and pharmacoeconomics group at Shahid beheshti university of medical sciences-Ms.Mehrnaz Kheyr Andish director of the office for the evaluation,prescription and consumption of health products of the food and drug administration of the country and Dr.Fariba Ahmadi Zar member of food and drug administration and senior researcher of medical center at Erasmus university participated.

Initially,the website of the permanent Secretariat of the Euro-Asian congress of pharmacopoeia was unveiled.

Then, decisions were made about establishing the main members of the secretariat of the permanent congress,related social institutions and how they work with the secretariat and how the secretariat works in the form of intermittent and periodic congresses

Finally,after noon and evening prayers, at the afternoon meeting of the same day about the date of the congress and details of the second Euro-Asian congress of Pharmacoepidemiology hosted by the Faculty of Pharmacy of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences the exchange of ideas was taking place.